LW2 LED UV curing system

GEW’s patented LW2 lamphead is the most effective water-cooled LED UV curing technology on the market.

Widest choice of substrates: UV LED polymer inks allow successful printing on almost all stock types. Coated and uncoated papers, plastics, foil laminated sheets etc. all become a possibility, increasing product diversity.

No heat: Unlike H-UV or traditional mercury lamps, LEDs (light emitting diodes) emit very little infrared heat towards the substrate. This avoids common heat-related issues in sheet-fed printing such as high pile temperatures, curling of heat sensitive stock materials and loss of moisture in paper: printed sheets are crisp and fresh as new.

Increased uptime: Instant on/off switching means that with GEW LED there are no warm-up or cool-down cycles that are required on conventional UV systems. Machine up-time is increased because the printer is never waiting for the lamps. In addition, because GEW’s LW2 has no moving parts there is no downtime to replace shutters, reflectors, mechanisms or lamps and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Expected lifetimes of 20,000 hours guarantee trouble-free printing for years to come.

Improved processes: UV LED inks and varnishes are 100% dry straight after the LED lamp. This eliminates messy and costly powder coating completely. More importantly sheets can be folded, cut and bound immediately after printing. This potentially allows stock reductions and significantly decreases lead-times to end-customers.

Enhanced quality: UV inks can achieve sharper dots, higher gloss and better resistance to marking and scratching because the ink dries to a gloss polymer which is resistant to solvents and abrasion. GEW’s LW2 ensures perfect drying of UV LED inks every time thus eliminating marking and scratching issues observed in the perfecting or delivery mechanisms.

Safer, future-proof printing: GEW LEDs produce no ozone so there are no air extraction requirements. The fact that LEDs are mercury-free guarantees compliance with any conceivable legislation on mercury and ensures operating environments safer than ever before. In addition, the low heat profile of GEW LEDs means fire risk and costly shielding and preparation of print units can be avoided.