GEW delivers UV curing system for nanotechnology application

GEW (E.C.) Limited, a specialist manufacturer of UV curing systems since 1991, is pleased to announce the supply of a nitrogen-inerted nanotechnology UV curing system to Suncoat GmbH in Zittau (Saxony), Germany.  The installation of this bespoke solution coincides with the company’s tenth anniversary of producing inert gas curing systems.

Suncoat was founded in 2003 and specialises in the development and production of refined foil surfaces.  Their main focus in development is nanotechnology, which creates improved coatings using smaller particles of pigment, which gives them superior durability, gloss, scratch resistance or electrical conductivity.  Suncoat aims to develop a new technology for this process, and UV curing plays an important role in meeting this objective.  Their research project is supported by the shareholder Evonik Industries AG in Essen (North-Rhine Westphalia) and Renolit AG in Worms (Rhineland-Palatinate), as well as by the Ministry of Education, Research and Development.

The GEW UV system for this project consists of a 170cm wide water-cooled “IsoCure” lamphead fitted with a sealed, nitrogen-purged curing chamber.  Should the need for faster production speeds arise, a second lamphead can easily be added in future with no need to modify the existing installation.  The lamphead(s) can be easily accessed by means of a hydraulic lift, and the web temperature is controlled using a water-cooled roller.

Of particular benefit to Suncoat will be the UV system’s 32 kW electronic power supply.  This offers a reduction in power consumption of up to 30% in comparison to the transformer-driven power supplies typically used with this type of lamphead, and also takes up significantly less floor space.  In addition, the lamp output adjusts seamlessly in relation to web speed and the user is able to monitor the UV output through the touch screen interface.

The success of this installation is another good example of GEW’s competence in the wide-web coating sector.  The company now intends to develop this market into another one of its key business areas alongside the labelling, packaging and offset printing industries.  GEW are renowned for excellent designs, solid construction and state-of-the-art UV lampheads and controls.  A flexible and friendly approach to its customers and their problems ensures each system perfectly matches their needs.