GEW “intelligent” UV curing upgrade for Precision Label

Brad Cohn, President of Precision Label, comments: “The VCP is very well engineered and fits well into a very tight space. The performance we get from it outpaces any other UV curing system we use. GEW include many extras as standard on their system such as PLC controls, “intelligent” heat management, touch screen operation, cold filters and glass-dichroic reflectors. We got value for money and performance from the GEW system and our operator likes the reliability and service.”

Comments Brian Wenger, of GEW: “Precision Labels prints and converts a wide range of label substrates from paper to films at high press speeds. Rapid cure without substrate temperature rise as an essential for today’s printer in order to process the increasing range of new films and label substrates available. We design our UV curing systems around what’s happening out there. Our customer’s don’t have to worry about buying extras in order to have the production flexibility they need”.

GEW (EC) Limited designs and manufactures UV curing systems for the printing and packaging industries. Specialist applications include UV systems for wide web CI presses, silicone release coating, inkjet and industrial applications.  Located in the United Kingdom, the company serves an international customer base with sales, service and support available worldwide.