Labelexpo-Americas-2014 B

GEW with new RHINO PSU at Labelexpo Americas 2014

At Labelexpo Americas UV systems manufacturer GEW announces the start of serial production of the new RHINO power supply for use with its range of arc lamp and LED UV systems.  Shown for the first time in the US, the RHINO comes at the end of a three-year development programme and has achieved major gains in efficiency and reliability.

The RHINO is designed to work with GEW’s E2C low energy UV lamphead for the most energy-efficient UV solution. Wider machines can also benefit from the same energy saving technology by using the larger NUVA2 lamphead. RHINO includes an embedded service technology which continuously monitors the system, guarding against out-of-specification parameters that could result in an unplanned stoppage.  GEW’s operating center automatically advises of any maintenance needed before a fault can develop.