Graphispag Barcelona 2017

GEW with LED UV at Graphispag Barcelona

GEW will be exhibiting at the Graphispag exhibition in Barcelona to present their line of LED UV curing systems for the printing and converting industries.

GEW will be exhibiting at this year’s Graphispag exhibition in Barcelona, Spain to present the latest releases of their line of specialist UV curing systems for the printing and converting industries. The event will be an opportunity to update the professionals on the full range of UV equipment for use with printing presses and converting machinery supplied by the British manufacturer.

As an expert for UV curing technology GEW has become a key player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web printing and coating lines up to 2.50m wide. GEW will show conventional mercury arc UV lamps, UV LEDs, hybrid UV systems, inert-gas UV curing and hybrid power supplies.

On display at Graphispag will be GEW’s LA1, the most powerful fully air-cooled LED UV lamphead on the market. Special consideration was given to the enhanced airflow design to ensure effective heat dissipation at high power levels. The LA1 is built around the same proven cassette-based design as the LW2 LED and E2Cmercury arc lampheads and is fully compatible with existing RHINO powered systems without the need for external chillers, pipes, coolant or additional maintenance whilst enjoying the benefits of the efficiency, reliability and extended life cycles of LEDs.

The LA1’s output is as high as that of water-cooled systems and remains retrofittable on any GEW E2C system. It is designed to offer the lowest cost, lowest risk upgrade to LED available on the market. Any RHINO-powered E2C System is immediately available for upgrade with only an LED cassette required.

Inert gas curing is an important feature in the production of silicone release liners and other processes requiring total polymerization at highest line speeds. The inert curing process takes place under controlled conditions in a sealed chamber and brings many benefits to the cross linking of acrylic and silicone coatings such as faster production speeds, reduced uncured photoinitiators and the ability to reduce ink or varnish weight.

GEW’s inert atmosphere curing solution can be supplied as a complete new system or as a retrofit and comes with an embedded precision oxygen level analyser to ensure process consistency and production efficiency. The inert-gas control panel gives the operator a visual feedback and enables him to simply set the required ppm level and the control automatically adjusts the inert gas flow to match the set O2 level and optimise the curing process.

The latest advanced power supplies from GEW can run LED curing technology as standard and are ready to extend with either LED or conventional mercury arc in future as changes in job requirements or ink formulations dictate.

All new UV curing systems with RHINO power supply are equipped, as standard, with GEW’s Embedded Service facility which allows continuous remote monitoring of the system running condition over the internet, enabling the manufacturer’s service engineers to detect and correct out of tolerance parameters. This type of remote preventive maintenance ensures the entire UV system operates at peak performance at all times thus avoiding unplanned machine stoppages and waste of resources.

Graphispag takes place 21 to 24 March 2017 at the Gran Via Exhibition Centre in Barcelona, Spain and GEW is in Hall P2 , Street A Stand 123.