Mini UV laboratory unit from GEW

May 2006. GEW (EC) Ltd. has announced the development of a new Mini UV Laboratory Unit for curing UV inks, coatings or adhesives that provides the ability to work away from the production line to produce or test small lots or sample preparations on a variety of substrates.

With a working width of 150mm (6”) the Mini UV Laboratory Unit is a stand-alone, bench top UV curing system for laboratory or low volume production environments and features the new XC cassette ‘extreme cure’ focussed reflector from GEW with 80W/cm (200W/in) or 120W/cm UV lamp (300W/in). Using constant UV lamp power, the curing dosage is simply controlled by varying the belt speed. An effective air cooling system keeps the whole unit cool to permit many hours of continuous operation at speeds from 5m/min up to 30m/min (16fpm upto 100fpm).

The 220/240 V 50/60 Hz single phase, 13 amp power supply means it can be connected in most areas of the workplace. Mercury lamps are fitted as standard. Options include lead, iron or gallium doped lamps, different power levels and speeds, spare UV cassettes and an inert gas, nitrogen atmosphere capsule for inert curing applications.

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