LX South China 2014 A

GEW’s new RHINO electronic power supply on show in China

GEW is exhibiting at the 2014 Labelexpo South China trade show in Guangzhou 3 to 5 December.

During the show GEW will present the innovative RHINO electronic power supply to drive their range of energy efficient UV lampheads following intensive development and rigorous testing.

Malcolm Rae, Managing Director at GEW is confident: “RHINO is the new benchmark in effective UV technology, enabling our customers to print faster for longer, with less energy and no downtime.”

At the South China Labelexpo GEW’s complete UV system technology will be on display.

GEW’s RHINO electronic power supply sets new standards with many innovative features. Energy saving is top of the list, approaching 95% efficient and with power factor of 1, RHINO represents a huge step in electronic design. Harmonic demand has been minimised with the result that transmission and cable losses are all but eliminated. We have direct experience of customers saving over 50% of their energy consumption, in many cases this has allowed additional presses to be installed without increasing incoming mains capacity.

Around the world mains power supplies are under strain, resulting in dips, sags, spikes and noise that can interfere with electronic equipment. RHINO however is immune to all, its aerospace grade electronic design ensures a safe shutdown with no damage when an event occurs.

RHINO is rugged, capable of withstanding elevated ambient temperatures, high levels of dust, humidity and air contamination. The patented RHINO RACK protects the power supplies in a neat space saving enclosure designed to survive the arduous environment of a printing works for the lifetime of the press to which it is fitted.

RHINO comes with a 5-year warranty to completely remove unexpected maintenance costs from your capital repayment schedule, thus ROI with the UV system is guaranteed as never before.