Infrared CassetteInfrared cassette

The label printing market widely uses water-based inks and varnishes which require hot air dryers to evaporate the water content, leaving the residual pigment on the web. The increasing use of UV inks and varnishes means printing machines may need to accommodate drying for both UV and water-based coatings. On certain machines this means re-webbing when switching between water-based and UV processes, or in some cases removing the hot air dryers altogether.

To solve this, GEW have developed a cassette-based IR system for water based inks, which simply slides into the lamp housing in place of the UV cassette and operates using the same control technology.

 Key Benefits

  • IR cassette can be swapped with the UV cassette on compatible GEW systems
  • Evaporated water molecules are extracted through an integral exhaust duct
  • The performance of existing hot air dryers on the same web path can be boosted
  • The duplication of exhaust fans and ducting is avoided
  • The need for separate web paths for UV and water-based infrared ink drying can be eliminated