IsoCure UV-set for newsprint to launch in USA

UV systems manufacturer, GEW will introduce IsoCure to the USA Newspaper industry at MediaXChange 2009, Las Vegas. The system enables the use of UV curable inks and coatings on newspaper presses.

“The addition of the IsoCure UV system to newspaper presses enables printers to develop high value supplements and inserts on both coated and uncoated stock,” said Brian Wenger, President, GEW, Inc. “This means that the news printer can increase advertising revenue by offering full colour, high quality printing. IsoCure permits printing of glossy pages that can be produced together with cold-set pages in a single run. By adding the system to a new or existing press, the printer can produce both newspapers and high quality printing without having to invest in an additional machine”.

UV technology expands press capacity and gives the user all the accepted benefits of using UV curable inks such as less set-up waste and clean-up time. UV inks set instantly through polymerisation and since they don’t dry in the ink pan, they can stay on the press until the next shift.

Concludes Wenger, “We can supply both conventional UV curing or inert atmosphere nitrogen technology for higher press speeds. The latter results in a lower temperature keeping newsprint shrinkage to a minimum and also reduces the amount of costly photo-initiators in the ink formulation. Customers like the fact that the addition of UV requires no expensive modifications or pollution controls such as needed for the addition of heat-set drying systems.”

Exhaust fans and ducting are not required to cool the lamps on IsoCure and this means there is less demand on the heating and air conditioning source in the plant with associated energy savings. Its compact footprint fits neatly within the press. All systems are powered by e-Brick, GEW’s well-proven energy saving electronic power supply and this means as much as 30% less energy consumption. The company is also seeing increasing demands for printers to reduce carbon emissions and say they can do this by simply replacing existing UV systems running on transformer power supplies with e-Brick. Benefits include increased UV and a smaller carbon footprint.

GEW manufactures energy saving UV curing systems for all makes of printing presses and supplies both original equipment manufacturers as well as UV upgrades for existing equipment. Since 1991 the company has built itself a strong reputation as the global market leader of web-based UV curing systems.  Based near London, England, GEW manufactures all its products in-house, which are available together with spare parts and after-sales service in every continent through its satellite offices and distribution network around the world.

Booth 840
MediaXchange 2009
9 – 12 March 2009
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Download pdf: GEWCOLDSETUSA.pdf (26KB)