GEW at Labelexpo Europe 2013


British UV systems manufacturer GEW unveils its newly-developed range of UV solutions for industry-leading energy efficiency and productivity at Labelexpo Europe.

The acclaimed E2C energy-efficient UV lamphead is shown for the first time at Labelexpo Europe following its 2012 debut. E2C has enabled users to substantially increase their profit margins by producing high quality labels at full production speeds while using as little as 90 W/cm of UV power.

Following this up is GEW’s all-new RHINO electronic control for the E2C lamphead, a combination that promises printers typical reductions of 46% in their power usage and carbon footprint whilst maximising press uptime and production security. The RHINO control package includes brand new electronic power supplies, fronted up by a state-of-the-art touch screen interface and software package that facilitates maximum operating efficiency. The result is a highly efficient UV drying system that withstands daily use in high ambient temperatures and humidity. Job security on-press is additionally safeguarded because the RHINO power supplies are immune to damage from mains power spikes, dips, dropped phases and shorting to ground. Print room conditions can be arduous for electronic equipment so the power supplies are housed in a compact enclosure with full mains power distribution that protects against airborne contaminants whilst ensuring optimum cooling inside. GEW’s confidence in the new development extends to offering a standard two-year warranty that is upgradable to five years at the time of installation. If the UV is fitted to a new press the extended warranty can be purchased from the press manufacturer, and directly from the nearest GEW office or distribution centre if retrofitted to an existing machine.

The latest in LED UV curing technology is also now available from GEW following years of development specifically targeted at printing applications that demand high production speeds and use heat-sensitive materials. The GEW solution supports such challenging printing conditions, a breakthrough that the company attributes to integration of the highest intensity LEDs into arrays with superior cooling properties so that more UV energy is released at higher web speeds, while significantly less heat is radiated. The LED lampheads are compatible with RHINO control technology so that hybrid UV systems are now possible.

The technology can be seen working at the show on GEW’s novel Magic Carpet precision lab unit, designed for the development and optimisation of LED ink formulations. The Magic Carpet system transports ink samples and power measurement devices accurately at the desired speed so that curing tests are always repeatable and yield reliable results.

GEW offers its customers objective guidance in choosing whether LED or low-energy arc lamp technology is right for them. The technical suitability of both methods is evaluated according to the user’s printing process and press configuration, backed up by a return-on investment calculation for the machine’s usage pattern and lifetime so that a truly informed decision can be made.