Launch of IsoCure UV curing for newsprint at Ifra 2008

GEW (EC) Ltd. will launch its new IsoCure system for curing of inks on web offset newspaper presses that would otherwise use conventional cold-set inks. The system enables press use to be expanded to printing of new types of products.

IsoCure can be fitted to existing presses, enabling printers to produce high quality work on coated and uncoated paper with UV inks. Printing can be either UV or a combination with cold-set litho.

Traditionally accepted as a “green technology”, GEW has gone a step further in UV curing by replacing conventional power supplies with its energy efficient electronic e-Brick system. Comparable benefits include a 30% reduction in running costs with 20% more UV output and reduced carbon emissions from the printing plant.

IsoCure may also be new press specified or retro-fitted on a variety of printing and coating machines including in-line, sheetfed, central impression and bridge over conveyers from 50cm (20”) up to 195cm (77”).

In plants where the ambient air is heated or cooled, substantial sums of money can be wasted as the treated air is extracted by the UV system in cooling the lamps and removing ozone. The IsoCure design eliminates this hidden cost since no exhaust fans and ducting are required for cooling as normally required on conventional UV systems.

GEW manufactures energy saving UV curing systems for all makes of printing presses and supplies both original equipment manufacturers as well as UV upgrades for existing equipment. Since 1991 the company has built itself a strong reputation as the global market leader of web-based UV curing systems.  Based near London, England, GEW manufactures all its products in-house, which are available together with spare parts and after-sales service in every continent through its satellite offices and distribution network around the world.

27- 30 OCTOBER 2008

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