Transform your offset press with a GEW LED UV system, the most effective curing technology for sheetfed offset printing

Transform your offset press:

  • Print on plastics
  • Sharper dots and vibrant colours
  • No more marking and scratching
  • Eliminate spray powder or sealers
  • Instant drying for faster job turnaround
  • 3-year LED warranty available

How it works: The video above shows an example of a Movable Option, which offers a customisable arrangement of LED mounting positions on your press.

LeoLED Sheetfed Offset Lamphead

Lamps can be freely moved to change curing configuration and adapt to the job at hand.


LeoLED logo 300w

  • LeoLED achieves the highest UV intensity, to support the fastest printing speeds
  • Compact design fits almost all press types
  • LED array is fully sealed for easy cleaning and resilience to ink and dust ingress
  • Direct UV path means no UV is lost in reflections
  • Movable between print units
  • Continuous remote monitoring of lamps/LEDs ensures the most reliable operation and fastest support for any manufacturer
  • Uniform UV output across the curing area
  • Long-term consistent output over the full life cycle of the LEDs
  • Modular Lamp Array (MLA) gives customisable mounting options
  • Available as a retrofit on all types of offset printing press

“This is the future of offset printing. It will make it viable for years… LED UV printing makes us relevant, vital and sustainable.”

Watch Push Solution’s story about the benefits of early integration of GEW’s LED UV curing system into their RMGT 9 Series press.

“We take new jobs from our competitors because we can print on uncoated paper with very high quality”

Watch TMG’s story about the benefits of integrating GEW’s LED UV into their Manroland 700 HiPrint, 8-colour perfecting press.

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Print on plastics and other substrates 

LED UV polymer inks allow successful printing on almost all stock types as they will adhere well to non-absorbent materials like PE, PET, PU and synthetic paper.

LED UV brings added value, increased product diversity and new product offerings with coated and uncoated papers, plastics and foil laminated sheets all becoming a possibility.

Higher value picture

Sharper dots, vibrant colours, higher quality

GEW’s LEDs achieve sharper dots, more vibrant colours and a better quality finished product.

Inks are dried instantly, allowing no time for dot gain or absorption. This gives particularly good results on uncoated stock; colours stay vibrant, punchy and sharp. Furthermore, ink dries to a durable polymer to maintain the quality and longevity of the product.

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Eliminate spray powder and sealers

LED UV curing avoids the need for spray powder on the press. This eliminates the widespread contamination and associated time-consuming cleaning.

As LED UV inks and varnishes are 100% cured directly after the LED lamp, marking and scratching are eliminated, thus removing the need for machine varnish or sealers.

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Instant drying and faster job turnaround

Instant drying of inks enables immediate finishing and much faster despatch of jobs. Sheets can be perfected, folded, cut or bound right away, reducing work-in-progress and significantly shortening lead-times.

LED UV gives the printer a competitive edge, enabling litho quality to be achieved in the same turnaround time as digital work.

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No heat

Unlike H-UV or traditional mercury lamps, LEDs emit very little infrared heat towards the substrate.

This avoids common heat-related issues in sheetfed printing such as high pile temperatures, curling of heat sensitive stock materials and loss of moisture in paper: printed sheets remain crisp and fresh as new.

Max productivity symbol

Increased productivity and machine up-time

Instant on/off switching means that machine up-time is increased, there is no time waiting for the lamps. In addition, LeoLED has no moving parts so there is no downtime to replace shutters, reflectors or lamps. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Expected lifetimes of 20,000 hours guarantee trouble-free printing for years to come.

To find out what we can do for you, either call +44 (0)1737 824 500, or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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