New product launch at Labelexpo Europe

September 2007. At Labelexpo Europe in Brussels GEW (EC) Ltd. will launch its Compact Nitrogen Inert Atmosphere (N2) curing system for the narrow web market and run live demonstrations of its new touch screen on-line UV monitoring in combination with a full range of UV curing lamp heads and e-brick electronic power supply.

The new Compact N2 sees a timely launch for the narrow web market where the demand for printing filmic substrates, in-mould, shrink and stretch sleeves for food packaging is growing significantly. The Compact N2 system enables the use of inks and coating chemistry with reduced levels of low molecular components that minimise the risk of taint and odour migration from the packaging.

The on-line UV monitoring system is a fully integrated UV lamp output monitoring system which runs with the latest generation of GEW’s e-brick controls. Comments Malcolm Rae, Managing Director: “Increasingly printers want to control their processes and this product allows continuous monitoring of all lamps in a system. Information is displayed on the GEW colour touch screen making its operation simple and reliable for the operator. An electronic sensor is built into the lamp head which receives a combined output of UV light from the reflector and directly from the lamp, thus ensuring the UV incident on the web is monitored. Hand held devices are difficult to use repeatedly and this product cost effectively eliminates them. The unit can be used in conjunction with all lamp head configurations”.

September 26-29, Brussels
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