GEW is a specialist manufacturer of highly efficient fully UV curing systems for metal decorating presses. GEW provides dedicated UV solutions for a wide range of metal decorating machinery for the production of 3-piece cans and closures.  Printing with UV is the fastest, safest and most profitable method of decorating tinplate for metal packaging.

GEW offers two main options for UV curing of metal decorating products – NUVA2, the fully air-cooled mercury arc system, and LeoLED, the most advanced UV LED technology on the market which is widely used for offset printing.  Both systems offer their own unique advantages depending on the specific production process and can equally be supplied on new printing machines or retrofitted to existing equipment.

Metal decorating press
Example layout of a metal decorating UV installation

Why use UV curing for metal decorating?

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Higher added value

  • UV improves gloss levels and visual appeal of finished product
  • Durable, scratch resistant finish minimises waste
  • Lowest running cost
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Increased productivity

  • UV is ready from cold in minutes
  • Reduced wash-up time
  • Minimal floor space requirement
  • Final product can be inspected and processed immediately

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • No hazardous VOC emissions
  • Supports cooler operating environment
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Sharper dots and vibrant colours

  • Printing with UV inks produces higher quality finished products consistently, with improved shelf appeal.

Significant heat reduction

  • UV is much cooler than a conventional drying oven
  • Sheet temperatures are reduced
  • Cooler and more comfortable working environment

Why use NUVA2 for metal decorating?

NUVA2 is the most effective mercury arc UV curing technology for metal decorating presses. NUVA2 is well proven in the field to enable presses to print faster for longer, with less energy, less heat and higher uptime.
NUVA2 cassette

System benefits:

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • 30% energy saving over other UV technologies
  • Reduced plant air consumption
  • Lower running costs than conventional drying ovens

Easily implemented sustainability measure

  • Immediate reduction in CO2 footprint and operating costs
  • Cool, quiet operation with no need for water-cooling


“GEW was able to offer us straightforward integration in our Crabtree and KBA presses with a comprehensive package of improved productivity and excellent energy efficiency.”

– Richard O’Neill, CEO.

Read more about Caldicot Metal Decorating’s installation of a NUVA2 on two of their presses, a Crabtree FastReady 4-colour press and a 4-colour KBA MetalStar.

Why use LeoLED for metal decorating?

GEW’s LeoLED lamphead is the most effective LED UV solution on the market. With LeoLED, ready times are even shorter, production is more consistent over a longer period of time and your LEDs are fully sealed from the environment to ensure the longest lifetime.  Adding LED curing to your metal decorating press further enhances the attractiveness of metal packaging as the more environmentally friendly option.

LeoLED Sheetfed Offset Lamphead

System benefits

Lowest cost of ownership

  • With LED the running costs are even lower than that of a traditional UV system, with energy savings in excess of 50% possible.
  • When the press is idle, no energy is used at all.

100% UV uptime

  • The printer never waits for the UV lamps because GEW’s LED instant on/off switching means no warm-up or cool-down cycles.

Best for the working and natural environments

  • Lowest energy use of any ink drying technology
  • Minimal heating effect on the press and production room
  • Cooled by water for virtually silent operation
  • No ozone emissions


“This is the future of offset printing. It will make it viable for years… LED UV printing makes us relevant, vital and sustainable.”

Push Solutions explain the benefits of early integration of GEW’s LED UV curing system.

“With LED UV, we have a bigger colour gamut…which means more beautiful images”

TMG explains the benefits of integrating GEW’s LED UV into their Manroland 700 HiPrint, 8-colour perfecting press.

Create your hybrid ArcLED system

ArcLED allows use of a conventional UV mercury arc lamp or LED (light emitting diode) array on the same print unit. Both arc and LED cassettes are compatible with the same power supply and, in many cases, fit in the same housing for ease of change.

The RHINO control enables any combination of curing technologies to be used on the same press.

Why use a hybrid ArcLED system?

ArcLED enables an investment in arc UV technology now to be upgraded later with LEDs using the same lamphead casing and the same power supply and control.

With interchangeable cassettes, every print station has the same lamphead casing, power supply, cables and control. The printer only has to insert the cassette of choice and ArcLED Rhino does the rest: it automatically recognises which type of cassette is installed in the machine, adjusts the RHINO control to provide the correct power type (AC or DC) and adjusts running parameters – all the printer has to do is to print!

ArcLED allows seamless switching from DC power for the LEDs to high voltage AC for the arc lamps and vice versa. RHINO ArcLED is extremely energy efficient showing considerable energy savings when compared to conventional electronic power supplies.

An investment now in ArcLED UV curing protects that investment into the future by ensuring an LED upgrade can be simply and cost effectively implemented. It also gives the possibility to run a fully flexible hybrid curing system.

Finally, ArcLED enables a printing press to combine the printing processes of printing inks and varnishes into the same press, whilst simultaneously allowing for these two printing processes to happen in a single pass of the printing press.

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