Optical fibre curing with GEW UV

GEW is a specialist producer of highly efficient fully air-cooled UV curing systems for coating applications and manufactures a high efficiency mercury arc lamp solution to cure coatings on optical fibre and wire at speeds in excess of 3,000 metres per minute (10,000 ft/min).

GEW offers a complete solution tailored to UV curing of coatings on optical fibre

  • With mercury arc lamp technology, the electrical power is applied directly to the UV lamp as opposed to using it to create microwaves to indirectly energise the lamp. This cuts out an unnecessary intermediate step in the process, saving significant amounts of energy and protecting the product from heat damage.
  • Mercury arc lamps are available in any length and can be made as long as necessary to suit the speed of the machine. This eliminates the need for the purchase, integration and maintenance of multiple lamp units on high speed machines.
  • A single medium pressure mercury arc lamp is positioned along the optical fibre with focussed front and back reflectors to capture all of the lamp’s UV energy and concentrate it onto the coated fibre. The unit opens up easily to access the inerted curing tube that contains the fibre.
  • The system is easily maintained as the UV lamp, reflectors and shutter assembly are quickly removed from the lamp housing as a single cassette assembly.  Where production uptime is critical, a spare cassette can be kept in stock so that lamp changes can be performed offline while the coating machine is still running.