GEW UV curing enables silicone coating release liners in a much more compact footprint than using traditional thermal drying methods. The very compact nature of the GEW UV solution enables silicone release coatings to be applied inline with other printing processes, for example in the production of linerless labels and thermal tickets.

GEW UV curing technology is optimised to deliver very high doses of UVC energy which are required for both free radical silicone and cationic silicone release coatings.  Monitoring the UVC output along the length of the lamp ensures the fastest, most reliable and most consistent production of silicone release liners with enhanced release properties.

GEW has a long history of manufacturing inert gas curing systems for free radical siliconising processes, as well as systems for curing cationic silicone formulations.

Silicone coating with GEW UV systems enables reliable, faster and more consistent production of silicone release liners.