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GEW (EC) Limited designs and manufactures Arc and UV LED curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications. The company is the leading manufacturer of UV systems for label and narrow web printing and is experiencing a growing global presence in sheetfed and web offset for commercial printing and packaging. GEW’s UV systems are available for all new machinery, and can be retrofitted to any active press, allowing printers to breathe new life into older printing equipment. GEW has a world-class production facility at its UK headquarters, a subsidiary in the USA, a branch office in Germany, and an extensive list of worldwide distributors.

GEW specialises in the design and installation of UV LED systems, having introduced its latest UV LED product, AeroLED, in early 2022. Representing the next generation for UV LED curing, AeroLED eliminates the need for a chiller by air-cooling from a single remote fan to bring UV LED within affordable reach for all. LeoLED, released in 2019, is GEW’s water-cooled solution, delivering maximum power and UV dose for more demanding applications. AeroLED and LeoLED are both compatible with GEW’s renowned ArcLED hybrid system.

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GEW UV curing systems & products

GEW has an array of UV lamp and LED products to meet almost any printing or converting need. All products can be integrated seamlessly by GEW to fit your machine. Find out more…

AeroLED and LeoLED

UV LED systems

UV LED systems are the future of UV curing; GEW’s products are unmatched in performance and value throughout the industry…


UV lamp systems

Mercury lamp systems are an efficient, long-established UV light source for industrial processes and they’re still growing in use today…


Excimer systems

Excimer lamps produce vacuum ultraviolet radiation for various applications and can be easily integrated onto machinery up to 2.55m wide.

GEW’s Conveyor Laboratory Unit

Laboratory units

GEW designs and builds stand-alone UV laboratory units, perfect for research and development facilities or press room ink proofing…

GEW Return on Investment (ROI) calculator

With rising energy costs, switching to GEW UV LED systems can dramatically reduce your energy usage whilst also reducing CO2 emissions for a positive environmental impact.


Unsure which UV curing system is best for you?

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Commercial printing

An ever-expanding print communications market segment encompassing catalogues, manuals, advertising, menus, stationery, and all other products where the print is the primary product function.

Label converting

Label converting

UV cured inks, coatings and adhesives are used to create highly decorative, durable and functional product labels that offer brighter and bolder colours than other printing methods. Find out more via the button below…

Package converting

Package converting

Packaging converters use GEW UV to produce materials that protect, contain, preserve, and dispense the primary product while also making items easier to handle, transport, store, and use.

Sheetfed offset picture on a Komori

Sheetfed offset

The sheetfed offset, or offset lithographic (litho), printing process is known as offset because the image is ‘offset’ from the lithographic plates to the blanket, before finally going onto the paper. Find out more…

Direct to product decoration

Direct to product decoration

Graphics and text are printed and cured on various manufactured items including rigid plastic, glass, and metal packaging; consumer and industrial goods; and promotional ad specialty items.

Industrial Coating, Converting & Finishing

Industrial coating, converting & finishing

GEW is a specialist producer of highly efficient UV curing systems for coating, converting & finishing applications. Find out more…

Specialist UV systems

Specialist UV systems

GEW offer a dedicated service for SUV systems, which are typically large UV installations featuring heavily customised integration work to suit the customer’s machine and process.

Wood coating image

Wood coating

GEW has UV LED, mercury arc and excimer solutions for wood coating applications. Wood coating refers to the process of applying a protective layer to wood surfaces to enhance their durability, appearance, and performance.

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A brief history

GEW was formed in March 1991 by Gillian and Malcolm Rae, to provide the narrow web label market with compact, efficient air-cooled UV curing systems…

GEW Exhibitions

The show must go on

GEW is present at all major professional trade shows and exhibitions in the label, coating, converting and sheetfed printing industries. Come and meet the team…

GEW News

Making the headlines

With a global presence and market-leading, innovative products, GEW is constantly in the news. Find out more about our latest happenings…