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GEW designs and builds solutions for a wide range of specialist UV curing processes, combined with our bespoke engineering integration service to suit the most technically demanding of applications.  Solutions include UV irradiation units for polymer cross-linking, inert atmosphere curing chambers with closed-loop control, surface matting with excimer lamps, holographic cast-and-cure units, and assemblies comprising multiple UV lamps integrated with large diameter chill drums.  To find out more about how GEW can help make your project a success, please contact us directly to speak with one of our application specialists.

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UV-Box1)Metal Profile UV Curing

Metal Profile UV Curing

UV curing enables the safer and faster application of a wide variety of coatings on metal profiles and metal extrusions to protect them against corrosion.In this example, a coated metal …
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UV glove box with GEW E2C UV system

In this specialised clean room application, the manufacturing process of OLED displays requires exposing the products while being manipulated in a glove box.The surface to be exposed is 35cm square.  …
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NUVA2 UV System Ultra Wide

Varnish curing with NUVA2 ultra-wide UV

UV curing enables reliable, faster and more consistent production of substrates with varnish coatings. The video illustrates how wide-web converters can benefit from GEW’s fully air-cooled NUVA2 UV systems.The NUVA2 lamphead is …
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Optical fibre coating and UV curing

GEW has developed a high efficiency fully air-cooled arc lamp solution of the UV technology typically used to cure coatings on optical fibre and wire at speeds in excess of 3,000 metres …
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