Positive Purge & NetZero

Solutions to cool the UV lampheads without using ambient factory air.

Air-cooled UV systems, like GEW’s industry standard E2C, consume ambient factory air to cool the lampheads, which is then discharged to the outside of the building together with the ozone generated by the lamp.

In heated, cooled or clean room facilities, this treated air is consumed by the UV system which places an additional load on these air conditioning systems. Where ambient air is contaminated, this can lead to the lamps and reflectors in turn becoming contaminated, reducing UV output, curing performance and component lifetimes.  There are two possible solutions to this:

Positive Purge:

Suitable for all UV systems, including larger systems or where the distance to the outside of the building is greater.


Suitable for smaller UV systems where contamination is only local to the area where the UV lamps are installed, or where the UV system is close to an external wall or roof.

Positive Purge schematic diagram
Positive Purge cooling option
NetZero schematic diagram
NetZero cooling option

In either case, a duct is fitted on top of the lamphead’s air intake aperture which is connected to an air feed from beyond the production area, in most cases the outside of the factory. With the NetZero system, the incoming air makes its way into the lampheads through the ducting, which is under negative pressure due to the system’s extraction fan.  This warm exhaust air is then discharged to the outside of the building. 

The Positive Purge system uses an additional cooling fan to blow outside air into the system under pressure, and can also be specified with an air inlet filter to ensure the supply air is always clean and the working parts of the UV lamphead remain in pristine condition.

The Positive Purge & NetZero cooling options benefit your business by eliminating all ambient air consumption.

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