GEW HMI Touchscreen

RHINO control systems

Simple touchscreen controls backed up by an internet-connected remote monitoring service – GEW RHINO control is unparalleled in the industry.

RHINO control systems

GEW UV systems are controlled by a combination of user commands and settings (entered on a modern industrial touchscreen), as well as machine signals which are either hardwired or electronically communicated to the GEW RHINO power units. GEW’s proprietary RHINO software is able to handle a vast array of common industrial control interfaces from simple relay logic to web-based APIs.

The HMI itself has a simple user interface for operating all key parameters on up to 16 lamps simultaneously, customised for each specific machine configuration. Optional accessories such as GEW’s UV monitoring or inert gas chambers are also controlled through the same user interface. It can be mounted freestanding in any location on or around the press or bevel mounted for seamless integration in machine panels.

Industry 4.0 / IoT Technology:

RHINO control systems are continuously connected to the internet and encrypted system performance data is sent live to GEW. 24/7 monitoring of all system parameters ensures the fastest, most precise service response in the industry. Our preventative maintenance program will recommend software or hardware changes to out of tolerance parameters before an issue arises on site.

Comprehensive monthly system performance reports are sent to nominated customer email accounts showing energy use and uptime % so that press productivity can be monitored more accurately than ever before.


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