GEW Product Family - LeoLED Standard, LeoLED Cassette, AeroLED, E4C, E2C, NUVA2

GEW Products

GEW produces an array of UV lamp and LED products along with all peripheral components and integration, for a wide range of curing and irradiation applications. Find out more…

GEW Products

GEW has an array of UV lamp and LED products to meet almost any printing or converting need. All products can be integrated seamlessly by GEW to fit your machine.

AeroLED and LeoLED

UV LED systems

UV LED systems are the future of UV curing and GEW’s products are unmatched in performance and value throughout the industry…


UV lamp systems

Mercury lamp systems are an efficient, long-established UV light source for industrial processes and they are still growing in use today…


Excimer lamp systems

Excimer lamps produce vacuum ultraviolet radiation for various applications and can be easily integrated onto machinery up to 2.55m wide

GEW’s Conveyor Laboratory Unit

Laboratory units

GEW designs and builds stand-alone UV laboratory units perfect for research and development facilities or press room ink proofing…


One of the key benefits of both GEW’s UV LED and mercury arc systems is their ArcLED capability.

ArcLED’s power system allows the printer to switch seamlessly between mercury arc technologies and LED technology.

To find out more about how our ArcLED capabilities can benefit your business, download our brochure below:

UV retrofits of GEW products

With new machine lead times often over 1 year, GEW’s UV retrofits, with a lead time as short as 6 weeks, allow printers to breathe new life into old equipment at a much lower cost.

GEW UV retrofits are aimed at customers who already have printing equipment installed or in use, and GEW can retrofit both arc and UV LED curing equipment.

Read more about how we can help you with a UV retrofit on our dedicated retrofit page. Here you can contact our Sales Managers directly to start your retrofit process.

Aquaflex machine at Phenix

Speak directly to a sales representative

If you are unsure about which UV curing system best suits your requirements, we are here to help. Contact one of our sales representatives directly.

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