LeoLED Standard and Cassette Versions

UV LED curing systems

UV LED systems are the future of UV curing. GEW’s LED products are unmatched in performance and value throughout the industry…

UV LED curing systems

These products use ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) as the primary light source. Tens or even hundreds of UV LEDs are built onto GEW’s highly specialised circuit boards – named LED modules. Multiple LED modules are mounted together to create a light array which can vary from 15cm to 250cm in length. GEW offers different UV LED product form factors, power levels and wavelength ranges to satisfy many different application requirements.

LeoLED Label & Narrow Web

LeoLED Cassette

LeoLED delivers high power UV LED, for tough printing and industrial applications. The cassette format enables seamless ArcLED hybrid capability, perfect for web presses.

LeoLED Standard lamphead

LeoLED Standard

High powered UV LED for demanding industrial and print applications. The compact form factor is ideal for sheetfed offset presses and installations with tight space constraints.

GEW also provides all peripheral equipment required for proper integration and operation of the UV LED lamp. Discover the benefits of GEW technology and the array of applicable optional extras available.

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UV LED control systems

Our UV LEDs are supported by state of the art control systems. Find out more below…

GEW Chillers

UV LED cooling systems

Our UV LEDs have a number of cooling options available such as chillers and fans for your press…


UV LED power systems

Our UV LEDs are driven by two alternative power supplies. Find out which power supply suits you…


Customisation options

UV LED curing systems can be customised in a number of ways to suit your application. Explore the options…

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