UV LED modules

GEW LED modules are available in a range of wavelengths to suit different applications.

UV LED modules are sub-assemblies incorporating tens or hundreds of roughly millimetre square LEDs arranged in a matrix of rows and columns. Multiple LED modules are arranged in various configurations within lamp head assemblies to span the desired UV emitting length and width.

The UV spectral output of an LED is relatively monochromatic compared to broadband mercury sources. The material structure of the LED semiconductor determines the exact UV output wavelength, which is fixed and unchanging for each individual diode. Typically, a UV LED module will contain many LEDs with very similar UV spectra and will be specified at a nominal peak wavelength (e.g. 395 ± 5nm).

All GEW LED modules are available with peak wavelengths of 365, 385, 395 or 405nm, with a range of market leading irradiancies to suit many different applications.

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Spectral Distribution Graph

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