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GEW is a thought leader in the UV curing industry. We produce state of the art mercury arc and LED UV curing systems, as well as ArcLED hybrid solutions that combine the two technologies.

You can read our latest thoughts from white papers to FAQs, to our latest case studies below: –

GEW Excimer Lamphead

UV curing sources

Understanding the different UV curing lamp technologies is instrumental in application and formulation development, UV curing source selection, and integration.
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UV-Box1)Metal Profile UV Curing

Metal Profile UV Curing

UV curing enables the safer and faster application of a wide variety of coatings on metal profiles and metal extrusions to protect them against corrosion. In this example,…
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UV glove box with GEW E2C UV system

In this specialised clean room application, the manufacturing process of OLED displays requires exposing the products while being manipulated in a glove box. The surface to be exposed…
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NUVA2 UV System Ultra Wide

Varnish curing with NUVA2 ultra-wide UV

UV curing enables reliable, faster and more consistent production of substrates with varnish coatings. The video illustrates how wide-web converters can benefit from GEW’s fully air-cooled NUVA2 UV systems. The…
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NUVA2 HP Lamphead

US packaging firm makes UV upgrade

The US subsidiary of British UV systems manufacturer GEW has installed a specialist configuration of a UV curing system, comprising an NUVA2 high-efficiency UV upgrade with a working…
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