GEW UV LED curing on a narrow web press

GEW webinars

Watch GEW’s latest webinars here as we discuss the biggest talking points in the industry, from UV LED, the mercury legislation, and more.

GEW are regularly at the forefront of technical knowledge in the UV curing industry. And our GEW webinars often look to share that information with our customers and the wider printing community.

Our GEW webinars involve a wide range GEW staff, and involve a number of key topics, such as mercury regulation and how it’s affecting the printing industry, why UV LED is the future, and much more.

Many of these webinars are created in conjunction with industry-leading magazines or industry bodies that provide thought leadership. Examples include Jennifer Heathcote’s recent webinar with RadTech North America that discussed the impact of the electrical grid on printers.

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