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Specialist UV curing systems

GEW designs and manufactures an array of specialist UV curing systems, tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Find out more…

What are specialist UV curing systems?

Specialist UV curing systems (SUVs) are custom UV curing designs that are specified, engineered, and manufactured to meet the requirements of complex or non-standard UV irradiation applications. The SUV team are involved in projects that can require detailed on-site machine surveys, significant supporting framework, large automated sliding or hinging mechanisms, or integration in explosive or hazardous environments.

The highly experienced team utilises cutting edge laser measurement equipment, fully 3D designs, risk assessments and certifications to meet required safety standards and can handle many large industrial projects. These include opportunities on extrusion lines, medical equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing as well as anything else not specifically covered in GEW’s application pages.

Specialist UV curing systems are typically very large, industrial curing solutions that feature heavily customised integration work tailored to each customer’s unique machine and processing needs. Curing can be in either standard ambient conditions or with inert chambers purged typically with nitrogen. The whole GEW range of UV curing systems can be used in the design, and all of our systems are available in a range of lengths and powered by GEW’s robust and reliable RHINO hybrid electronic power supply.

Specialist UV curing systems - GEW

GEW SUV advantages

  • Turnkey UV solutions that include all components, control and integration required for your application
  • Capability for highly complex and/or large scale industrial engineering solutions
  • In-house customer application lab to test and specify the correct GEW product for your requirements
  • Worldwide site survey capability carried out by experienced design engineers to ensure integration is right first time
  • Robust design process & experienced team ensures compliance with any regulations, risk assessments or certifications required
  • Full assembly and rigorous testing of all components prior to despatch
  • Remote IoT performance monitoring of every lamp ensures the fastest troubleshooting and service support
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Customer application laboratory

GEW’s sales team have a vast array of application experience to offer the correct product selection in many situations. Furthermore, GEW’s customer application laboratory can run detailed testing with customers to determine the exact UV dose and intensity requirements for their process.

The lab can print and apply customer inks and coatings on substrates to be irradiated and test these using in-house laboratory conveyor units. All current GEW products are available for testing to ensure the specifications recommended meet the process requirements. The lab is also equipped with an array of specialist UV measurement devices allowing precise determination of UV output, reflectance, absorption, temperature, oxygen or ozone concentration and a range of other parameters relevant to the curing process. GEW R&D engineers will design custom tests and can run these independently or in the presence of customers when needed.

The data from these tests allows GEW to build a UV system that meets the exact process requirements and ensures the application is successful upon installation.


Site survey process

A highly experienced GEW design engineer will visit the customer’s site anywhere in the world to assess all aspects of the application. Often, a laser scanner is utilised to build a 3D computer model of the area on the machine where UV integration is required. This model, accurate to within 1µm resolution, ensures the subsequent design of the GEW UV integration is a perfect fit for the machinery on site and also significantly reduces the time taken to survey without compromising detail. During the survey, the engineer also discusses installation requirements and placement of peripheral components.

Once back in the UK, the latest 3D computer aided design (CAD) software is used to design the custom integration that the application requires covering all mechanical, electrical and electronic aspects. With over 30 years’ experience integrating ultraviolet curing systems into a vast array of applications, GEW engineers ensure that all designs are mechanically robust, compliant to all relevant regulations and specified to cure perfectly and reliably for many years in continuous operation.

Detailed site layouts and specification documents are sent for customer approval and comprehensive build instructions are made available to GEW’s field service team to ensure a fast and professional final installation.

Specialist UV curing systems

Manufacture and integration

Once the specification and design are complete and approved by the customer, GEW will manufacture, assemble and test the UV system across our 2 production sites in the UK.

Every UV system is fully assembled with all components and subjected to rigorous in-house testing before despatch. This process ensures that all components mechanically fit and all electrical/electronic software and signals are tested prior to arrival at the customer site. An experienced packing team ensure that assemblies are adequately protected for the rigours of land, sea or air travel and that our equipment arrives in perfect condition.

Once the SUV arrives on site, GEW field service engineers will visit to complete the installation. Mechanical integration onto the machine, electrical connection of all signals and interfaces and setup of software is completed before the system is rigorously tested once more. Every GEW UV system is connected to the internet and all system parameters are remotely monitored in the UK and approved before the UV is handed to the customer. Detailed training on operation and correct maintenance of the system is then given to operators on site and GEW’s detailed operation and maintenance manuals are made available in a number of global languages.

Once GEW leave site, the UV system is working perfectly and ready for a long lifetime of heavy production.

Specialist UV curing systems - GEW

Specialist UV system applications

GEW will be pleased to assist your evaluation and decision-making process to ensure that the optimal mercury arc, LED, or hybrid solution is matched to your specific application, process, and integration needs.

Please contact our experienced SUV team to better understand the additional integration and engineering capabilities GEW offers. We are available to offer guidance on product selection and can deliver the level of experienced system design, ancillary components, and integration you require.

Specialist UV curing systems - GEW

Speak directly to a sales representative

If you are unsure about which UV curing system best suits your requirements, we are here to help. Please contact one of our sales representatives directly.

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