About GEW UV

GEW (EC) Limited is a UK-based manufacturer of UV curing systems for printing, coating and industrial applications. Find out more…

About GEW UV

GEW (EC) Limited is a UK-based manufacturer of UV curing systems for printing, coating and industrial applications. The company has built a world-leading position in both UV curing technology and the label printing market, with tens of thousands of installations across the globe.

We have a world-class production facility at our UK headquarters, and operate a subsidiary in the USA & a branch office in Germany.

Our mercury arc lamp and UV LED curing systems are renowned for their rugged construction, effective designs and energy-efficient operation. GEW UV systems with RHINO power electronics are designed for operation in the most challenging conditions and are available with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Our focus on long term support and customer care ensures GEW UV systems run efficiently throughout the life of the machine to which they are fitted.

We are committed to supplying effective UV curing solutions which allow our customers to print faster for longer, with less energy and no downtime.

In 2021 we became members of the Made in Britain community. You can read more about our membership here.

GEW Crawley factory
2012: GEW’s purpose built, state-of-the-art production facility opens near London Gatwick in West Sussex, UK.

Why work with GEW?

GEW is the world market leader in manufacturing UV curing systems for the labelling and web printing industries. GEW have invested in a world-class production facility at their head office, where experienced teams of staff develop and produce UV solutions that are renowned for their high standards of engineering, durability and performance.

Purchasing a GEW product provides:

  • An effective and highly reliable UV solution, delivered on time
  • Over 25 years of experience in the field
  • The lowest energy consumption and CO2 footprint
  • A friendly and responsive after-sales service online and on-site
  • 24-hour global telephone support
  • The peace of mind you are working with an experienced, dependable supplier

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