Ozone Filter

Ozone filter

Enables the exhaust air from the UV system to be safely discharged into the production room, when ducting to the outside of the factory is not possible.

Ozone filter

Ozone (O3) is a potentially toxic gas, often found to be present in very high voltage electrical devices and can also be produced by ultraviolet light. It has a time-weighted average of 0.2mg/m3 (0.1parts per million) and a short term exposure limit of 0.6mg/m3 (0.3ppm) as stated by the Occupational Safety Health Administration (USA).

The solution

GEW supply an ozone filter capable of destroying ozone. Each filter cell is manufactured from transparent Makrilon to withstand temperatures of up to 115°C. The life span of the media is fairly long due to the catalytic process that occurs and media replacement should be determined by a colour change from purple to light brown. The ozone filter unit is designed to reduce the ozone concentration level present in the exhaust duct to a level suitable for discharge into a factory situation.

GEW Ozone Filter

The concentration level of ozone in our ducting after the lamp is around 0.3 ppm. After the ozone filter, it is reduced to less than 0.01 ppm. The threshold limit value over an 8 hour period is 0.1 ppm. Consequently, the ozone filter is operating below 10% of the threshold limit value. Therefore it is completely safe to run the ozone filter discharging back into a factory environment.

GEW Ozone Filter
In a typical installation the ozone filter is positioned directly above the UV system’s cooling fan. The example shown above left is for a 24kW UV system and stands at 1.4m height. The close-up section shows a new filter element and the purple indicator pellets within. These discolour to brown when it is time to replace the filter.

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The ozone filter can be a critical piece of equipment to help keep your operators safe.

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