From our UV application laboratory to continuous internet remote monitoring, get the most from your UV system with GEW’s comprehensive customer services.

At GEW we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. From your first contact with GEW through to maintenance on our oldest systems dating from 1991, we offer services at every stage to ensure that GEW UV systems perform at their peak through the rigours of industrial production. You can click on the buttons below to click to go directly to a particular section:

Before installation:

UV application laboratory

GEW’s application laboratory is designed to enable accurate testing of an extensive range of UV applications and to advise correct specification of GEW products. It is equipped with conveyor units, print proofing equipment, a vast array of scientific measurement equipment and a comprehensive range of GEW products and accessories. GEW engineers will design and run custom tests independently or in the presence of customers to ensure the UV application is successful upon installation.

UV laboratory_1

Site surveys

For complex or challenging applications, experienced GEW engineers will visit a customer’s site anywhere in the world to assess all aspects of UV integration. Often a laser scanner is utilised to build a 3D model of the machine and a detailed assessment of installation requirements and siting takes place. Detailed site layouts and specification documents are provided for customer approval and comprehensive build instructions produced for GEW’s field service team. All designs are rigorously compliant to all relevant local regulations.

Site survey_1

Pre-installation support

GEW’s highly experienced Service team will contact you before an installation to guide you through the process of installation and commissioning. Detailed pre-installation check sheets are provided with customised instructions and surveys relevant to your project. Our technical team are available to advise on any queries you have to ensure the installation process is quick and efficient.

Pre-install support_1


Installation & commissioning

GEW is pleased to provide a worldwide installation and commissioning service. Our experienced engineer or service partner will visit your site to integrate the new UV system on your machinery. Following this, a detailed test procedure will ensure all components are working within tolerance and a “commissioning code” will be provided to activate your system warranty.

Install and commissioning_1

System training

During installation or by separate appointment, experienced GEW engineers can visit your site to provide customised UV system training. This includes operation of GEW controls and equipment, basic maintenance of UV lampheads and advice on optimum setup for your process.

System training_1

Warranty upgrades

GEW Rhino & RLT systems can be protected with up to a 5 year warranty covering all parts and labour – unmatched in the industry. Immediately following installation, it is possible to instantly upgrade the warranty support on your GEW system direct with our service team. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Warranty upgrades

During service life:

On-site maintenance

A highly experienced team of on-site service technicians and local service partners are available globally to support your UV system on-site whenever a problem arises. Wherever you are, GEW provides a rapid, professional response backed up by our state of the art, Industry 4.0 remote monitoring system.

Onsite maintenance

UV health check

The GEW system health check is a comprehensive, on-site inspection of your UV system. An engineer will leave your system running to its current potential and will recommend actions and parts required to bring the performance and reliability up to the highest level possible.

UV health check_1

UV output study

Using state of the art dose measurement equipment, a GEW engineer will assess the UV output of your GEW system and advise the current status compared to the original output when new. You will be given advice on parts and maintenance procedures required to optimise the performance of your UV cassettes. Find out more about our cassette upgrade packages below:

UV output study_1

Cassette repairs

GEW UV cassettes are designed for a decade-long service life when regular maintenance is carried out. GEW and our service partners offer cassette repair services local to you to bring your used units up to a nearly new standard. A range of cost-effective upgrade packages are available – find out more below:

Cassette repairs_1

Remote support

GEW’s highly experienced remote support team offer free telephone support for all UV systems. In addition, GEW’s remote monitoring platform is used to monitor your system from our UK & USA offices. If there is an issue with your system we can either correct it proactively before you even notice a problem, or we will be able to rectify the issue much more easily once any problem has been identified. Contact us below if you have any questions.

Read what two of our customers have to say about the GEW Remote Monitoring service, here:


System upgrades

If you need to upgrade to LED, expand your existing UV system or replace an old UV system with the latest technology, GEW offers specially discounted pricing to enable you to print faster and more efficiently long into the future. Contact our Service teams to find out more about the latest offers available below.

System upgrades

Watch our Retrofit Spotlight video, which explains the meticulous measurement, planning and engineering that goes into every GEW UV system retrofit installation.

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