RHINO power supplies

All GEW RHINO power supplies are rack mounted, able to run arc and LED lamps, and internet connected with 24/7 continuous online monitoring.

RHINO power supplies

GEW UV arc and LED systems are powered by the proprietary RHINO and RLT power supplies. Available in a range of sizes up to 27kW, they are custom designed and manufactured by GEW, exclusively to power our UV systems. They meet the highest international safety standards (including ETL listing for all RHINO units), are monitored over the internet 24/7 and can be purchased with up to a 5-year warranty – unparalleled in the industry.

Every power supply is equipped with GEW’s ArcLED technology, enabling both UV arc and LED to be powered interchangeably by the same unit. Every RHINO & RLT system in the field is ready to run LED – only the LED lamp and chiller are required to make this change.

Robust design and safe shutdown protects the RHINO from a wide range of common electrical issues and it is proven to run for many years in the harshest environments on Earth. Intelligent power management balances mains draw and minimises harmonic distortion leading to reduced energy demand and the fastest return on investment.

RHINO is the most advanced and reliable power supply in the industry. Find out more in our product brochures below:

RHINO 18kW Cabinets

GEW power supplies are housed in a RHINO Rack cabinet which provides mains power distribution, filtered air cooling and various control functions. Power and communication cables run from the cabinet to the UV lamps and peripheral equipment located on press.

RHINO Racks are extremely compact and can be stacked 2 high allowing up to 24 lamps in a 1.8m2 footprint. They are engineered for low maintenance and quick, simple installations.

Find out more about the GEW RHINO Rack concept below:

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