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Excimer systems

GEW excimer lamps produce vacuum ultraviolet radiation for a range of applications and can be seamlessly integrated onto machinery up to 2.55m wide.

Excimer systems

GEW’s Excimer systems utilise dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) lamps to produce quasi-monochromatic vacuum ultraviolet radiation, typically at 172nm. This radiation is commonly used for mattification of surface coatings, modification of surface tension for improved adhesion or surface cleaning for semiconductor and medical industries.


GEW ExciRay lamps, which are incorporated into the familiar NUVA2 cassette design, can be produced up to 255cm in length and can be custom integrated for your specific application, including provision for all required nitrogen inerting and control.

Alternatively, find out more about how excimer lamps are used in the mattification process by reading Jennifer Heathcote’s article, “Mattifying Surfaces with Excimer UV Curing”.

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These products use excimer (or exciplex) dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) lamps as the UV light source. Primarily used to produce vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation, GEW can supply many variations and widths to suit a wide range of applications.

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