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Cooling systems

GEW cooling systems are custom engineered to ensure every UV system runs at optimum performance for many years of heavy industrial use.

Cooling systems

All UV systems produce excess heat which must be efficiently removed to ensure uniform, stable & long-term output of the ultraviolet radiation. GEW utilises air, water and/or nitrogen cooling across the wide variety of products produced. All cooling systems are rigorously designed and tested internally by GEW to ensure perfect compatibility with your UV system.

Air cooling systems typically consist of a central fan connected to a rigid steel ducting manifold which runs the length of the press. Outlets at regular spacing are connected to the lamps via flexible ducting and an automatic damper valve controls the volume of air passing through the lamphead ensuring it remains at constant temperature. The central fan is ducted to atmosphere outside the factory.

Water cooling systems, like LeoLED and E4C, typically consist of a central air cooled chiller with a water manifold mounted close by. Flow and return hoses run to each lamphead with flow indicators and monitoring on each channel.

GEW’s experienced team of engineers will specify and engineer a solution to fit the specific project needs and can, if required, handle extremely complicated cooling systems. We have a wide range of cooling systems available and all are supported by our global network of service partners.

E2C System with Rhino PSU + Touchscreen2

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