LED lab unit

UV LED lab unit

GEW’s bench-top UV LED lab unit allows fast, accurate UV LED irradiation of samples or radiometers and can be specified with different wavelengths as required.

UV LED lab unit

GEW’s UV LED lab unit utilises a high precision linear drive to pass a sample tray under the UV LED array.

Variable speed control ensures highly repeatable testing up to 100m/min with UV power adjustable in set increments and LED array height adjustable up to 25mm.

A simple magnetic hinged tray carries print samples or can accommodate an EIT radiometer for precise UV power measurement.

Optional inert gas sample holders or LED arrays at different wavelengths can also be specified.

The unit easily sits on a bench-top and with no active cooling required, does not generate any unnecessary noise in the lab environment.

It is the perfect tool for LED press room proofing or R&D laboratory work, available from stock.

Laboratory-Ink-Testing Unit

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