UV lamp curing systems

Mercury lamp systems are an efficient, long-established UV light source for industrial processes and they are still growing in use today…

UV lamp curing systems

GEW’s UV lamp curing systems use medium pressure mercury vapour lamps as the UV light source. Depending on power level, length of lamp and form factor required, GEW have various lamp systems with different cooling methods to meet a vast array of UV irradiation applications.

Identify the right product for your application by using the table, then go directly to the appropriate product by clicking the link below:

ProductMax electrical powerMaximum lengthStandard cross sectionCooling
E2C140W/cmUp to 60cm110mm x 190mmAir
E2C HP180W/cmUp to 80cm110mm x 236mmAir
E4C220W/cmUp to 170cm110mm x 190mmAir & Water
NUVA2180W/cmUp to 250cm145mm x 293mmAir
NUVA2 HP240W/cmUp to 60cm145mm x 293mmAir
E2C Lamphead

The most efficient air-cooled UV lamp curing system in its class. At 140W/cm, E2C is the de-facto standard UV product installed on many of the world’s leading web printing presses with over 30,000 units produced.

E2C-High-Power lamphead

E2C HP comprises an E2C UV lamp cassette housed in a larger casing to enable more air cooling and thus more power (up to 180W/cm). Perfect for high speed or low migration print applications up to 80cm lamp width.


Compact water or air-cooled UV lamp cassette for print and industrial applications. Up to 220W/cm with a width up to 170cm, it’s perfect for web or sheetfed applications. E4C is the pinnacle of GEW engineering.


Fully air-cooled UV curing up to 250cm wide, NUVA2 is perfect for wide web coating and specialist industrial applications. Up to 27kW total power, NUVA2 is available with a wide range of customisations and integration options.

NUVA2 HP Lamphead

Fully air-cooled, NUVA2 HP is a high powered lamp cassette perfect for inkjet final cure or highly demanding print applications where space is available. Available up to 240W/cm and 60cm arc length.

GEW also offers the option of buying system components and optional extras for all our UV curing systems. You can find out more about these options here:

UV lamp control systems - RHINO

UV lamp control systems

Our UV lamps are supported by state of the art control systems. Find out more below…

GEW Chillers

UV lamp cooling systems

Our UV lamps have a number of cooling options available such as chillers and fans for your press…

UV lamp power systems - RHINO

UV lamp power systems

Our UV lamps are driven by two alternative power supplies. Find out which power supply suits you…

GEW multi-point UV monitoring

Customisation options

A variety of UV lamp curing systems can be customised to suit your company’s application

GEW Retrofit Spotlight video

The prospect of retrofitting a busy, working press with a UV curing system can be daunting. How long will it take? How much production time will be lost? How will it affect the press? What if there are unforeseen problems? Will technical support be provided?

Our Retrofit Spotlight video addresses these and many other common questions, in detail. Watch now.

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