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E4C offers the highest power available from the GEW range, to support the most demanding UV curing applications and the fastest printing speeds.


E4C offers the highest power available from the GEW range, to support the most demanding UV curing applications and the fastest printing speeds on web or sheetfed machines. It performs to the harshest cure test procedures and is suitable for low migration applications.

E4C has optically tuned reflectors to maximise curing power and operates quietly, with minimal air requirements. Water flow monitoring technology ensures water flow at all times, and the E4C’s water-cooled reflectors support the highest UV power whilst limiting heat transfer to the substrate, making it safe for a broad range of heat-sensitive materials.

It is designed to operate with the lowest level of maintenance and is engineered for fast, easy lamp changes. All replaceable components are plug-and-play, and the reflectors can be cleaned and fully replaced without breaking the water seals. Furthermore, the reflector mechanisms and seals are tested to millions of operations to ensure reliability.

E4C is also LED-ready: its hybrid lamp casing can house either LED, E2C or E4C arc lamp cassettes. It has a compact profile to fit the widest range of machines and is retrofittable on all E2C installations.

It is also available with multi-point UV monitoring and inert gas curing options.

GEW E4C Lamphead


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Max electrical power220W / cm
Irradiance at focal point10.7W / cm²*
Typical dose @ 100m / min220mJ / cm²*
Maximum length170cm
Standard cross section110mm W x 190mm H
CoolingAir & water
Standard max operating temperature40°C (104°F)
Standard max humidityNon-condensing
*Measured under standard GEW lab conditions with a standard lamphead configuration.
**Lamp variants available on request.

ArcLED compatible

One of the key benefits of E4C is its ArcLED capabilities.

ArcLED’s power system allows the printer to switch seamlessly between mercury arc technologies and LED technology.

ArcLED including LeoLED Cassette, E2C and E4C

To find out more about how E4C’s ArcLED capabilities can benefit your business, download our brochure below:

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E4C is a state of the art UV curing system customisable for a wide range of applications. You will complete jobs quicker, using less energy and ultimately keep your customers happy.

If you would like to find out more about this curing system, we are here to help. Please contact the sales representative that is best placed for your region.

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