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UV LED curing frequently asked questions

We aim to help answer some of the common questions and correct some of the misconceptions around LED in the UV curing industry. Find out more here…

Our UV LED curing frequently asked questions aim to answer our customer’s main questions around printing’s latest curing technology.

Indeed, with ongoing advances in UV LED curing technology, use of LED (light-emitting diodes) for UV (ultraviolet) curing in printing, coating, and bonding processes has become increasingly visible throughout the industry. UV LEDs have overcome many of the technical and economic obstacles that initially prevented wider commercial acceptance.

With the launch of GEW’s hybrid ArcLED UV curing system, barriers to adoption have now been further lowered. Within an ArcLED system, users are able to operate full hybrid UV curing, working with both mercury arc and LED lamp technology on the same press.

Whilst you can find out more about our LED and mercury arc products in our products section, we aim to answer the most common questions and misconceptions about LED here:

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