UV lamp customisation options

GEW UV curing systems can be individually customised to suit your specific requirements…

UV lamp customisation options

A wide variety of UV lamp customisation options are available to customise a GEW UV lamp system. GEW deliver a complete integrated UV curing solution, including lampheads, cooling equipment, power supply and user control systems. This means that any number of these options can be simply integrated into your system, to suit your specific application.

Various UV curing lamps

Lamp variants

Different lamp options are available to suit many applications, including metal halide doped lamps and ozone free or high UVC quartz glass.


Substrate cooling

Controlling temperature is critical for many applications. GEW’s array of cooling options ensures even the most powerful UV systems do not damage substrates.

GEW multi-point UV monitoring

Multi-point UV monitoring

Continuous inline measurement of UV output enables you to achieve 100% UV inspection and unprecedented control over your curing process.

Inert Gas Curing System

Inert gas curing

Oxygen inhibits the UV curing mechanism. GEW’s inert gas curing systems efficiently remove oxygen and greatly improve the curing process.


Infrared cassette

A flexible solution to enable the drying of water-based inks, even on a press with no hot air dryers. An IR cassette can simply be inserted into any ArcLED housing.


Quartz window

A quartz glass plate, transparent to UV energy and fitted over the lamphead’s emitting window. This protects the lamp and can be used to block out IR radiation.


Wire guard

Provides protection against loose substrate material coming into contact with the hot UV lamp, for example in the event of a web break or sheet crash.


Positive Purge & NetZero

Eliminate all ambient air consumption in the factory. Cooling air is discharged to the outside of the building, together with any ozone generated by the lamp.

Ozone Filter

Ozone filter

Enables the exhaust air from the UV system to be safely discharged into the production room, when ducting to the outside world is not possible.

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