Effective ink curing depends upon a guaranteed output from the lamp and reflector system.
GEW multi-point UV monitoring (mUVm)GEW’s multi-point UV monitoring, or mUVm, is a set of one or up to five UV sensors which give continuous monitoring of the output of a UV lamp. 

UV monitoring consists of calibrated sensors positioned along the length of the lamp to continuously measure the UV intensity in a UV curing system. This is vital to avoid the risks and consequences of undercured product reaching the customer. The UV monitor is a highly reliable and cost effective solution for production monitoring of UV intensity and dose at multiple positions across the web, to eliminate the possibility of inadequate UV dose. 

A simple user interface displays the UV output of the lamps on GEW’s touchscreen and alarms can be set to warn when it gets too low or too high. With up to five sensors per lamp monitoring once a second, unprecedented control over the UV curing process can be achieved.

GEW’s mUVm enables the user to:

  • Easily see when UV lamps reach end of life
  • Attain 100% UV inspection for every batch
  • Improve compliance to European food contact packaging regulations