Inert UV launched at narrow web packaging

October 2007. UV systems manufacturer, GEW has announced the development of its new e-System Inert, a compact inert atmosphere UV curing system designed for narrow web packaging applications and high speed printing up to 400m/min.

Launched at Labelexpo Europe 2007, the e-System Inert is aimed at the narrow web market where the use of printed films for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications is increasing. The system enables the use of ink and coating chemistry with reduced levels of photoinitiators so minimising the risk of taint and odour migration from the packaging. It can also handle silicone coating for release liner and applications for thermal paper manufacturing.

The system features a sealed curing chamber built around a small idler roller. Oxygen is purged from the chamber using nitrogen gas, which is introduced in a controlled manner via a “nitrogen knife” at the web inlet and via an injector in the curing chamber. An oxygen sensor within the chamber continuously measures oxygen levels. Controlling the oxygen level within the curing chamber is simply a matter of adjusting the nitrogen flow rate until the desired reading is obtained. For critical applications an alarm can be set to activate should the oxygen level exceed a set control limit.

The e-System Inert can be supplied with new press purchases and retrofitted to almost all existing presses depending on space limitations.

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Download pdf: GEWInert-Oct07.pdf (81KB)