UV LED made simple… a fully air-cooled cassette, AeroLED is the most affordable route to LED for printing, coating and converting applications


GEW’s AeroLED is a fully air-cooled, high power UV LED for full cure, printing, coating and converting applications less than 600mm wide. Our unique air-cooling concept uses a single, remote fan to cool the LED lamp with clean, filtered air eliminating the need for delicate electronics and high pitched, noisy fans inside each unit. No water cooling also reduces cost & complexity while increasing reliability.

AeroLED’s efficient optical design enables the lowest energy usage of all our products. This typically delivers energy savings of 50-70% and investment returns on new machinery of less than one year – ask us for your customised ROI.

AeroLED will step change your process control by ensuring stable UV output year after year. Eliminate the uncertainty of UV lamps, reflectors and mechanisms to ensure consistent quality of output from your press. Moreover, AeroLED utilises the same core components as GEW’s long proven LeoLED (>2000 units installed), so reliability from day one is guaranteed.

Like all our UV products, AeroLED uses GEW’s RHINO power supply & control range for ultimate reliability with Industry 4.0 approved, IoT remote monitoring as standard. It also has GEW’s familiar “E2C” cassette design so upgrading an E2C-RHINO system only requires the AeroLED lampheads and a filter unit. This makes AeroLED the most affordable route to LED printing available worldwide.

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Air-cooled LED AeroLED

…the most affordable route to LED printing.

Benefits of AeroLED

  • Fully air-cooled – a single remote fan brings clean, filtered air to the lampheads and eliminates need for delicate electronics and high pitched, noisy fans in each unit. No water cooling reduces cost and complexity while increasing reliability
  • Fast curing – AeroLED’s 20W/cm2 array gives industry leading performance for all narrow web machines
  • Step change process reliability – stable output year after year eliminates uncertainty from UV lamp systems and ensures consistent quality of output from your press
  • Same core components as long proven LeoLED guarantees reliability from day 1
  • Cut your energy costs by 50-70%, with ROIs on new machinery less than 1 year
  • Free up mains capacity with electrical requirements over 50% less than arc – 2 AeroLED systems require the same power as 1 E2C system!

GEW UV LED at work


AeroLED specification

Max electrical power62W / cm
Irradiance at window20W / cm2*
Typical dose @ 100m / min180mJ / cm2*
Maximum length60cm
Standard cross section110mm W x 190mm H
Standard max
operating temperature
35oC (95oF)
Standard max humidityNon-condensing
Expected diode lifetime40,000 hours‡
DualTech systems***Yes

*Measured under standard GEW lab conditions with a standard lamphead configuration
**365nm, 385nm & 405nm available upon request
*** Arc and AeroLED “hybrid” system possible in fixed positions on machine
‡ Lumen Maintenance Life Projection according to IES LM-80 and IES TM-21

DualTech versatility

AeroLED can be combined with Arc lamp curing technology on the same press, with the same RHINO power and control, with fixed print stations.*

DualTech AeroLED system

*Arc and AeroLED cassettes are not interchangeable. Each print station will need to be specified to run one type only.

Retrofit your press with UV LED in less than one day

For GEW RHINO and RLT users, UV curing systems can be upgraded to AeroLED with minimal downtime by simply replacing the lampheads and modifying the air-cooling system.

The table below illustrates the components needed for an AeroLED retrofit based on the existing UV curing technology on your press.

needed ↓
E2C &
E2C &
Fan &

Turnkey solutions
GEW deliver a complete integrated UV curing solution, including lampheads, cooling equipment, power supply and user control systems.

Speak directly to a sales representative

AeroLED is a state of the art air-cooled UV LED curing technology that will give your business a competitive advantage in the label and narrow web market.

If you would like to find out more about this curing system, we are here to help. Please contact the sales representative that is best placed for your region.

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