UV heat managed using waterless GEW chill rollers

February 2007. UV curing systems manufacturer, GEW (EC) Ltd. has announced the development of AIRFilm, a heat management solution that permits processing of a wide range of heat-sensitive materials without the need for water-cooled rollers.

AIRFilm incorporates static heat conductive rollers immediately adjacent to the UV lamp-head on the press where air is directed through the inner cores of the roller, removing the heat. While the company still offers water-cooled systems, it says that in many cases AIRFilm offers an alternative that does not require the installation of plumbing, pumps and a refrigeration unit.

Radiated and conducted heat can distort films in both the x and y directions during the printing process. This distortion can then go on to cause problems throughout the production cycle and in particular affect registration and die cutting. AIRFilm permits a wide range of films to be printed without distortion and provides traditional label printers with the opportunity to enter new market areas in film packaging. The system can be specified for integration on a new press purchase or fitted as an upgrade to existing machines.

All GEW UV lampheads use the e-Brick electronic power supply that provides significant energy savings in comparison to traditional choke and transformer technology. Under normal press operation e-Brick can provide up to 30% energy savings, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The company has ceased production of less efficient transformer and choke power supplies and now manufactures only the more environmentally friendly e-Brick as part of its e-System platform.

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Download pdf: GEW-AirFilm-Feb07 .pdf (85kB)