GEW’s patented LW2 lamphead is the most effective water-cooled LED UV curing technology on the market.

ArcLED hybrid UV technology

ArcLED allows use of a conventional UV arc lamp or LED array on the same print unit. Both arc and LED cassettes are compatible with the same power supply and fit in the same housing for ease of change. The RHINO control enables any combination of curing technologies to be used on the same press.

Futureproof LED UV curing technology

ArcLED enables the printer to switch between arc and LED UV curing at will to suit process requirements and ink formulation. GEW arc and LED systems can both be upgraded in the field to the hybrid solution or be supplied in this configuration from new.

Double production speeds with thick, heavily pigmented inks

LEDs’ high intensity UVA radiation penetrates thick ink layers for more consistent curing with improved adhesion, delivering faster speeds with silkscreen, laminating and flexo base white.

GEW LED UV curing systems are compatible with the widest range of substrates

Even unsupported films, shrink sleeves and other delicate, heat-sensitive materials can be processed without heat damage or registration loss thus eliminating the need for chill rollers, as nearly all heat generated by the LED array is conducted away to the rear heatsink, with almost pure UV radiated towards the substrate

Increased machine uptime

Instant on/off switching means that with LEDs there is no warm-up or cool-down cycle due to the simple switch and go technology of LEDs.

LED arrays require less frequent maintenance as they last over 20,000 hours (between 5 to 7 times longer than a typical GEW E2C UV arc lamp). Because LED systems have no moving parts, there is no downtime to replace shutters, reflectors, mechanisms or lamps.

No ozone, no mercury

GEW LEDs produce no ozone so there are no air extraction requirements. The fact that LEDs are mercury-free guarantees compliance with legislation on mercury and ensures safer operating environments. In addition, the low heat profile of GEW LEDs means fire risk and costly shielding and preparation of print units can be avoided.

Reduced energy consumption

Higher electrical efficiency of LEDs and the purity of UV output allow typical energy savings in excess of 50% on a typical UV arc lamp. Instant on-off switching means with LED no energy is consumed when the printing press is idle between jobs.