Bishop’s Stortford High School Australia Rugby Tour 2009

The Bishop’s Stortford High School (TBSHS), based in Heartfordshire, is committed to a truly all-round education. TBSHS believes that School is more than the classrooms, and that all students should be enriched through cultural, sporting and wider experiences. As part of that ethos, a rugby tour was organised on a grand scale. It was decided to take the school rugby teams to Australia for them to compete with Australian school teams. This was realised in July 2009 with twelve matches being played over a three week period. Starting in Brisbane, they moved some 1700km north through Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Townsville and Innisfail before heading back south to Sydney for the final match. During their travels they managed to see many of the wonderful sites and take in some Australian culture. GEW were pleased help by sponsoring the tour kit.