GEW Sheetfed Spotlight Video Image

Compelling reasons to retrofit your sheetfed offset press with LeoLED UV

Robert Rae and Jennifer Heathcote outline the key benefits of GEW’s latest LED technology. A range of GEW customers also offer their informed viewpoint, having worked with GEW UV LED systems.

There are many compelling reasons to retrofit a UV LED curing system to your sheetfed offset press. However, many printers have common questions to ask… is it expensive?… how does the ROI shape up?… how will it fit my press?… how long does it take to fit?… does it really save energy?… will it increase productivity?… and will it increase my margin?… the list goes on.

In this spotlight video, which first aired at Printing United’s Digital Experience on the Commercial Offset day, GEW’s Robert Rae & Jennifer Heathcote explain the benefits of LeoLED for sheetfed offset printers. Additionally, a sample range of GEW customers offer their informed viewpoint, having worked directly with GEW UV LED systems in their print shops.

Watch the video to get the answers.

If you would like more technical information about the product discussed in this video, visit our LeoLED Standard page.

While this spotlight video focuses on sheetfed offset printing, LeoLED systems can be used across a wide range of applications, including Label & Narrow Web. To find the right system for you, visit our UV LED product page.

To find out more about how GEW meets the needs of our Sheetfed Offset customers, visit our Sheetfed Offset page.