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Compelling reasons to upgrade your press with LeoLED

Robert Rae outlines the key benefits of GEW’s latest LED technology. A range of GEW customers also offer their informed viewpoint, having worked with GEW UV LED systems.

There are many compelling reasons to upgrade a press with UV LED. In this latest video, GEW’s Managing Director of Sales, Robert Rae, outlines the benefits of using LED UV curing technology in label and web printing.

The predominant UV curing technology used in flexographic label and web printing has been based upon mercury arc systems for many years. However, the adoption of LED technology is quickly gathering pace and the cost of switching to LED has greatly reduced in recent years.

This is particularly true of GEW systems, partly due to the introduction in 2019 of GEW’s highly economical LeoLED® system. Another key factor is GEW’s interchangeable, cassette-based ArcLED hybrid platform, which enables cassettes to be changed from arc to LED and vice versa, in under a minute. This enables a printer to operate both technologies in any combination on the same press, to suit the individual job at hand.

Moreover, any printer using the ArcLED platform with a GEW RHINO power supply can simply upgrade to LED by interchanging cassettes and adding a chiller unit for the water-cooled LED lampheads. This represents the most affordable route to LED printing available to label and web printers, anywhere in the market.

The video also includes many compelling insights from printers who work with GEW arc and LED curing systems, on a wide variety of presses. Watch it here:

If you would like more technical information about the product discussed in this video, visit our LeoLED Cassette page.

While this video focuses on label and narrow web printing, LeoLED systems can be used across a wide range of applications, including sheetfed offset printing. To find the right system for you, visit our UV LED product page.