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Discover the power of GEW UV LED curing for label & web printing

Robert Rae outlines the key benefits of GEW’s latest LED technology. A range of GEW customers also offer their informed viewpoint, having worked with GEW UV LED systems.

In our latest video demonstration, Robert Rae, GEW’s Managing Director of Sales, and Jennifer Heathcote, Vice President of Business Development at GEW Incorporated, delve into the benefits of UV LED curing for label & web printing. They also introduce our cutting-edge products, AeroLED and LeoLED, specifically designed for the web printing market.

AeroLED and LeoLED are GEW’s latest advancements in UV LED curing for label & web printing. These innovative products share a common foundation, boasting the same core components and chassis design. Both are equipped with high-powered LED modules, a large window for maximum light extraction and curing power, and a double gasket design to protect the LEDs from dust and water ingress, simplifying maintenance and cleaning.

AeroLED is our air-cooled solution, capable of delivering up to 18W/cm2 of UV LED output. With a fully air-cooled design, AeroLED is suitable for web printing applications up to 60 centimetres wide. The system features a quiet, centralised fan for cooling, eliminating the need for filter changes or noisy integrated fans and electronics on the press. Running at 53W/cm, AeroLED consumes 50-70% less energy compared to our industry-standard E2C arc lamp system. This energy efficiency translates into significant cost savings, potentially saving up to 30-50,000 Euros per year for a typical printer with a 16-inch, 8-lamp machine, based on electricity prices at 20 to 25 cents per kilowatt hour.

LeoLED, on the other hand, is a water-cooled UV LED solution designed to meet the demands of more challenging applications. It offers a higher power level of up to 25W/cm2, making it perfect for demanding print applications and running at high speeds exceeding 150m/min. With a water-cooled heatsink and compatibility with our high-power 200W/cm E4C mercury lamp system, LeoLED provides exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Even at up to 88W/cm, LeoLED can save 40-60% energy compared to an arc lamp system.

What sets GEW’s UV LED products apart is our ArcLED technology, offering unparalleled flexibility. By incorporating ArcLED, you can effortlessly switch between arc and LED cassettes within minutes on any station of your printing machine. Our power supply and HMI take care of everything automatically, ensuring a seamless transition. For instance, you can equip ink stations 1 to 7 with LED cassettes while using arc lamp technology for the final varnish station. This versatile approach allows you to make the most of the cost-saving benefits of LED while catering to specific ink and process compatibility requirements.

It’s important to note that GEW’s UV systems, whether based on mercury vapour lamps or LED technology, operate on our advanced RHINO power supply platform. The RHINO platform encompasses RHINO and RHINO Lite (RLT) power supplies, along with our proprietary software and control systems. This standardised approach ensures that peripheral components remain consistent across our product range, making upgrades and compatibility seamless.

Most of our UV systems supplied since 2016 are already equipped for LED, so an upgrade only requires AeroLED cassettes and a software update. Our experienced team can perform the upgrade on-site in as little as half a day, allowing you to swiftly embrace UV LED technology. This makes AeroLED the quickest and most cost-effective route to LED printing.

To explore the extensive capabilities and features of AeroLED and LeoLED, visit the dedicated product pages on the GEW website. Discover how these cutting-edge UV LED solutions can revolutionise your web printing operations, delivering superior performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings. At GEW, we are committed to providing the latest advancements in UV curing technology, helping you achieve your sustainability goals while enhancing productivity and profitability.

To learn more about AeroLED and LeoLED and how they can benefit your business, visit our product pages today or contact our sales team.

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