E2C – the new low energy UV curing system

GEW’s new low energy UV curing system, E2C, delivers increased print run security at full production speeds using only 90 W/cm and 42% less energy

Taking UV curing of inks and coatings to new levels of efficiency and print run security, the new ‘energy2cure’ E2C system from GEW uses 42% less energy and permits full colour, process printing at full production speed with as little power as 90 W/cm (230W/inch).

E2C Lamphead

With the highest UV output of any low energy UV system, E2C promises sufficient energy at high production speeds without compromising print quality. Delivering dramatic savings in energy consumption and costs, users can expect increased efficiency and profitability per job and less substrate waste from inadequate curing or heat damage. The low energy system also gives a 42% CO2 reduction in environmental performance that resonates with legislation and supports good business practice.

“We are delivering a transformation in UV curing using the latest technology available that will give our customers print run security with increased profitability,” says Marketing Manager, David Lyus. “With continuously increasing energy and consumables costs, more complex ink formulations and thinner substrates, spoilage is expensive. It is vital that we offer UV technology that will bring reductions in waste and production costs and a high level of confidence and security to customers using the product.”

Lamp and reflector technology on the E2C is designed to provide optimised cure on a wide range of inks including base white, screen, black and food compliant formulations. The system is fully air cooled to safely handle the full range of label substrates including very thin and heat-sensitive materials without the need for expensive water installations. Costly press downtimes have also been addressed with the addition of low maintenance design features to speed up lamp and part changeovers.

The new system uses 52% less air extraction which creates a quieter working environment and reduces the running costs of plant heating and air conditioning. A space saving, stacked Power Tower that reduces the machine footprint by up to 50% completes the package.

GEW has been manufacturing UV curing systems for a wide range of applications since 1991 and has built a strong reputation for the high performance and energy-efficiency of its products. All GEW products are made at their factory near London, England, and are available along with spare parts and after-sales service in every continent through its satellite offices and worldwide distribution channels.

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E2C is now over a decade old and is currently live on over 30,000 print stations worldwide. To read some of our customer case studies from users of our industry-standard E2C curing system, go here.