EADEC expands into Latin America with 3 new GEW UV systems

EADEC in Spain acquired a new Mark Andy P5 flexo press comprising eight GEW E2C UV lampheads with GEW RHINO electronic power supplies.

Ildefonso Ibero Otano may be a man of few words, but as managing director of EADEC at the head of 3 label converting business he certainly has a vision: EADEC has successfully diversified from its base in Navarra, Spain spearheading the company’s expansion into Latin-America with subsidiaries in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.

EADEC was originally founded in 1994 and today operates from a 1200m2-site in Cascante in the Navarra region of Spain. With over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the label market in retail and manufacturing sector, the company specialises in industrial labels serving a customer base of over 500 clients in the food, wine and automotive industries with innovative and specialist labels with high added value. In 2004 EADEC opened the factory in Santiago in Chile that is today managed by Ibero’s son Javier.

The company’s full name, Etiquetas Adhesivas Ecológicas, translates as Ecological Adhesive Labels and to no surprise EADEC has ISO14001 approval for environmental management. EADEC segregates waste for recycling and is committed to using biodegradable label materials or paper from sustainably managed sources. In 2001 EADEC was the first label converter is Spain to obtain both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. EADEC Chile was granted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in 2016.

As part of multi-million-euro investment plan, EADEC in 2015 acquired a new flexo press comprising eight GEW E2C lampheads with GEW RHINO electronic power supplies.

The machine is based on a Mark Andy P5 flexo press. The configuration can flexo print and laminate and mainly prints and coats layered plastics, translucent films and paper label stock.

The decision in favour of GEW E2C UV system was largely due to EADEC’s desire to ensure larger investments only go into technologies with a proven track record for reliability and energy efficiency.

Ibero explains: “We are very happy with the installation. One of our main objectives was to go maintenance free to the largest extent possible and only GEW was in a position to offer us a package of efficiency, reliability and remote system performance checks.”

Indeed, GEW’s RHINO powered UV systems are supplied, as standard, with the Embedded Service package which allows remote monitoring of the system running conditions over the internet, allowing the manufacturer’s service engineers to detect and correct out of tolerance parameters before they can develop into a fault. This type of remote preventive maintenance ensures the entire UV system operates at peak performance at all times thus improving efficiency and avoiding productivity drops and unplanned machine stoppages.

GEW’s RHINO systems come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty which gives the user total peace of mind about their investment and production reliability. In 2017 EADEC’s factories in Chile and Peru implement identical installations with GEW E2C UV systems.