GEW adds UV profitability to cold-set printing

GEW has announced the development of its IsoCure system for UV curing of inks on web offset newspaper presses where cold-set inks are used. The system enables printing press capacity to be expanded and more efficiently used in the newsprint area so that presses can be run at times other than only at night.

IsoCure can be fitted to existing cold-set presses to enable the use of UV inks and gives printers the ability to produce high quality work on both coated and uncoated paper. Printing can be either UV or a combination of cold-set and UV.

Traditionally newspapers have been produced with un-coated paper and printed with cold-set inks that dry by absorption into the substrate. The demand in recent years has changed to newspapers in combination with direct advertising on gloss-coated material printed in multiple colours with the greater use of inserts, flyers and booklets. This type of work would normally require separate investment in a dedicated press.

“We have successfully retro-fitted a 12 lamp IsoCure system to a Harris press in Scandinavia running 30,000 impressions per hour with the capacity to run at a linear speed of 275m/minute plus and have beta testing projects in hand for other newsprint sites”. Stated Managing Director, Malcolm Rae. “The technology gives the user all the accepted benefits of using UV curable inks and by adding IsoCure they can produce both newspapers and high quality printing without having to invest in an additional press”.

Clever design elements mean that exhaust fans and ducting are not required to cool the lamps on the IsoCure as is normally required on conventional UV systems and this means there is less demand on the heating and air conditioning source in the plant with associated energy savings. Its compact footprint fits neatly within the press and as UV inks set through polymerisation no expensive IR or large gas drying ovens are necessary.

Adds Rae. “All our UV systems are powered by e-Brick, our well-proven energy saving electronic power supply and this means further cost reductions. We are also seeing increasing demands for printers to reduce carbon emissions and they can do this by simply replacing existing UV systems running on transformer power supplies with electronic ones. They will not only increase UV output, but also contribute towards reducing their carbon footprint.

GEW manufactures energy saving UV curing systems for all makes of printing presses and supplies both original equipment manufacturers as well as UV upgrades for existing equipment. Since 1991 the company has built itself a strong reputation as the global market leader of web-based UV curing systems. Based near London, England, GEW manufactures all its products in-house, which are available together with spare parts and after-sales service in every continent through its satellite offices and distribution network around the world.