GEW at Cannex & Fillex de las Américas 2016

GEW (EC) Limited will be exhibiting at Cannex & Fillex de las Américas 2016 in Denver, Colorado. GEW is a specialist manufacturer of highly energy efficient aircooled UV curing systems for metal decorating presses and provides UV solutions for a wide range of metal printing machinery.

NUVA2 UV lamphead on display at Cannex Fillex

At Cannex Fillex GEW will display its fully aircooled NUVA2 UV lamphead for metal decorating presses and dedicated UV solutions for a wide range of printing machines targeted specifically at the metal decorating and 3-piece can manufacturing sector. The NUVA2 UV systems can be upgraded to LED operation and comes complete with the RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply.

RHINO electronic power supply

The RHINO has, as a standard feature, a fully embedded service capability allowing real time remote monitoring of all system performance parameters over an Internet connection. During operation RHINO logs parameters and events as they happen and continuously transmits the data to GEW to allow service engineers to respond to any out of range readings and thus avoid incidents and unplanned downtime.

GEW UV systems are engineered for operation in the most challenging conditions and come with a 5-year warranty to avoid downtime and unscheduled maintenance costs.